Storage Silos / Bins / Hoppers


  • Bridging
  • Ratholing
  • Dead-stock Formations
  • Lump Formations


  • The bridging phenomenon occur in the conical portions of hoppers & bins. The acoustic cleaners suitably installed on the conical portions can prevent bridge formations & ensure smooth flow of powders.
  • The ratholing phenomenon occur due to continuous build up of powders on the vertical walls of the silos. The acoustic cleaners suitably installed on silo tops will prevent such build ups & hence ensure smooth flow of powders throughout the silo.
  • Both bridging & ratholing leads to lump / dead stock formations in storage silos. Acoustic cleaners can successfully prevent/remove dead stock formations typically 800T – 1000T in a 5000T cement silo.

Acoustic Horn - Conical Portion of Hopper

Acoustic Horn - 5000T Cement Silo