• The Boilers, using coal/lignite/HFO/biomass/MSW as fuels, create soot in the process which gets deposited on heat transfer surfaces of Superheaters, Bank Tube Zones, Economizers & Airpreheaters.
  • The heat transfer surfaces in Waste Heat Recovery Boilers also receive complex dust particles depending on the process.
  • The soot/dust depositions reduces the heat transfer efficiency & hence the overall steam generation.
  • The conventionally used rotary as well as long retractable steam soot blowers are unable to remove the soot deposited on tubes effectively.
  • The superheated steam injected by steam soot blowers causes erosion of tubes.
  • The steam soot blowers are prone to heavy maintenance as well as recurring spares.

Power Generation Plant

Tube Erosion


  • Primasonic’s Sonic Soot Blowers can be permanently installed on superheaters, bank tube zones, economizers & airpreheaters to prevent soot/dust depositions on tube surfaces.
  • The sound waves will continuously dislodge the soot/dust keeping the tube surfaces clean throughout hence improving heat transfer & steam generation.
  • Unlike steam, the sound waves will not cause erosion of tube thus improving their overall life.
  • Sonic soot blowers need practically NIL maintenance & recurring spares.
Sonic Soot Blowers on Superheaters / Economizers